A record of success

Here's a thumbnail sketch of a career path that blends business and technical experience in a number of vertical markets.

  • NeoBorders / IT & Aviation
    Lars Wolf is a founder and partner of NeoBorders AB, a company providing international sales channels to Nordic and Baltic IT companies and the global airline community.

  • Viescomm / Electronic Parts & Equipment
    A member of the Finnish management team, Lars set up the Swedish subsidiary, hiring personnel and building a nationwide network for PBX and M2M products.

  • Nokia / Telecoms / New Markets
    Seven years with the global telecoms giant saw Lars rise to the position of International Account Manager with P/L responsibility for 12 new markets before promotion to Country Manager in Bulgaria, Romania and Israel.

  • Ericsson / Mobile Networks
    Responsible for selling and supporting telephony equipment to a major Japanese mobile phone network operator, Lars also facilitated the transfer of this technology to new markets around the Pacific Rim.

  • Digital Equipment / Financial Markets
    A prolific ten-year period that included spells as a Software Specialist, a Sales Representative, an Account Manager and a Business Development Strategist in the Financial and Insurance Markets and the Construction industry.

  • Data Saab / Military
    A Systems Analyst, projects included working on air surveillance and combat control systems with this subsidiary of Ericsson Radio Systems AB.